What exactly is a “hooded gaze”?

It means looking at someone in a sideways glance with the eyelids partway closed. It is a look used to indicate disdain.

Context is everything. It is very hard to say exactly what is meant without the context. However…

In general this goes beyond the physicality of lowering eyelids to half mast. It also implies that the one who is looking from those “hooded” eyes, is using “hood” to imply something hidden. The individual is watching, but probably has a secret; the individual is watching but not giving anything of him/herself away. A hood only partially covers us. From under a hood, we can look out, but others can not really look in.

So the hooded gaze carries that bagɡɑɡe into its meaning.

“It was a remarkably hooded gaze. I had no clue
whatsoever as to what she might be thinking or even if she was thinking at all.”

Hooded Meaning

hooded means covered, which in this case is the eyelids that act as hoods over the eyes. so imagine gazing (steadily or intently looking) with half shut eyes at something or someone. if i knew the context of the sentence i would be able to explain better, but this scenario happens usually when you’re secretly sizing someone up, when you’re spying on someone, or when you’re figuring out what a person just said…

hope you understand better

It can mean looking covertly at someone, from underneath the brows, or from between eyelids that are partly closed. It could mean quite a few things, depending on context; I always think of a rather villanous person, or an angry one.

Athena Estudy

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