What exactly does “love kills slowly” mean?

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I see it a lot on Ed Hardy products but what exactly does it mean?

It means that love is blind. And when you love someone unconditionally it doesn’t matter what that person does you will always be there. For example you love your spouse unconditionally but your spouse always cheats on you makes you cry……but you love him/her. So you put up with it which causes a lot of stress, anticipation, paranoia,etc. All of that isn’t good for your health so the love you have for that person is killing you SLOWLY.

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Only you can tell if you are in love or not, dont let anybody tell you are or your not!! from personal experience when i was 14 i thought i was in love with my bf at the time, we were together for 10 months but things didnt work out and now we are still really good friends.. Now i know i am in love, i am now 17 and have currently been with my bf for 8 months, i know i am in love because no matter how many hours of the day we spend together, i just want to spend that extra minute of the day with him, i get butterflies still everytime we are around each other. I know he loves me just as much as i do, which makes the hole experience even more exciting. Where im going with this is well, you may think you are in love right now, but you are capable of loving again, dont think about killing yourself over this girl, i do know exactly how you feel, but trust me things get better as you get older i hope you and your girlfriend have many happy years together just love her like there is no tomorrow and trust me this girl will fall even more madly in love with you

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What exactly does “love kills slowly” mean?
I see it a lot on Ed Hardy products but what exactly does it mean?

It means that though love seems awesome and everything, it slowly breaks you down, metaphorically killing you. As Christian explained it, Love isn’t all its cracked up to be. It may seem glamorous but soon it takes over, and it makes you feel like your going to die if you don’t have it…Sorta like drugs. that is the exact question I asked him when I met him

Christian Audigier is the licensed owner of the Ed Hardy products.

You could be Hun. Im 14 and ive been in a on and off relationship for a year. And i believe im in love with him. Dont let anybody say ‘Oh Your Too Young To Be In Love’ Its A Load Of S*** (: Merry Xmaz xxx

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It means, that over time, love kills you slowly. Its a metaphor.

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I don’t think Ed Hardy should be using that quote. & it means it takes you down slowly but surely. Wares you out.

it means something like… love is kind of like drugs. at first it’s great and you’re hooked, but over time it slowly starts killing you and you can’t let go.

killing you meaning… if the one you love stops loving you, or they die, or something like that.

love is hard work

its not just cuddles and kisses 24/7
it puts out as much hurt as it does love.


It means that love can drive anyone off the edge.

What exactly does “love kills slowly” mean?

While this phrase might sound ominous, it’s actually a quote by Gothic author and poet Ann Radcliffe. In her book The Mysteries of Udolpho, she uses the quote to describe the psychological power of love. In other words, love can have a destructive effect on people over time if not handled properly.

What is the meaning of “love kills slowly”?

The phrase “love kills slowly” is often used to describe how love can be destructive and harmful. It is usually used in a poetic or romantic way, to describe the idea that love can cause pain over a period of time.

There is no one specific meaning to the phrase “love kills slowly”, but it is often used to describe how love can be damaging and harmful. It can be used to describe relationships, or feelings of love.

Examples of how love can kill someone slowly

If you love someone, you might want to think twice before you tell them how you feel. A recent study has shown that expressing love can be a lethal weapon.

In the study, published in the journal “Personality and Social Psychology Review,” researchers asked participants to write about a time when they felt deeply in love. Some of the participants were then given a blood pressure cuff and asked to express their feelings through writing and song.

The results showed that those who expressed their love through writing and song had higher blood pressure than those who wrote about other topics. The singers also reported feeling more intense emotions than the others, which could have contributed to their high blood pressure.

“When people are inlove, they’re often generous and don’t mind putting themselves out there,” said study author Dr. Tara Palmore. “They may also be more likely to idealize their partner, which can lead to problems if their partner doesn’t live up to expectations.”

While expressing your love might make you feel happy at first, it could eventually lead to heartache and even death. So if you’re ever considering telling your loved one how you feel, go ahead and do it in person instead!

What can be done to avoid being killed by love?

Love can be a very dangerous thing. It can be addictive, overpowering, and take over your life. It can also be deadly. “Love Kills Slowly” is a phrase that is often used to describe how slow love can kill you.

There are things that you can do to avoid being killed by love. First of all, start by knowing yourself. Know what makes you happy and what doesn’t. If love isn’t one of those things, then try to stay away from it. Don’t let it control you or consume your life.

Also, make sure that you’re getting enough sleep. If you’re tired, then love won’t be able to get to you as easily. And lastly, don’t let love define who you are. Don’t let it change who you are or how you think. Love should be an amazing thing, not something that will take your life away.

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