what does the symbol of a circle with 2 vertical lines through it mean? it is handwritten on 4 of the circuit breaker labels.?

Receptacle = outlet? Okay, i guess that makes sense. The person installing the circuit breaker panels and breakers and writing the labels was noting which ones have outlets available to the resident?

General Purpose Duplex Receptacles.

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It is the universal electrical symbol for duplex convenience outlets (what you would know as an electrical wall outlet to plug things into). As an electrical estimator for 25 years I have counted many thousands of those symbols for calculating the work for bids.

It is not true that “every breaker should have that symbol”. Per the National Electrical Code the kitchen and dining room have to have what are called small appliance outlets, which are two separate circuits rated at 20 amps. This is to handle things like toasters, blenders, mixers and other high draw counter appliances. The breakers labeled with the receptacle symbol only are the 15 amp circuits with regular outlets in the rest of the house. Things like electric dryer, the refrigerator, electric range, central AC unit, etc. will have their own dedicated outlets that will be labeled as such. The average sized home will usually only have 3 or 4 circuits serving just the 15 amp convenience outlets. That’s all you need because you can put 10 outlets on one circuit. To properly label the panel, the electrician should have marked which rooms those outlets are in on the breaker labels circuit schedule inside the door, but usually they are in a hurry at the end of the job and do a “quick and dirty” labeling.

It means DC source.

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