What does the song ‘9 crimes’ by damien rice really mean?

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I love this song. It has a very good meaning too.

It is about someone who falls in love with a person while they are with someone else. we all know how difficult and painful it can, no doubt there.

IT has the idea of “if you won’t light my torch, I cant hold it for you anymore.” if the person you are with isnt doing it for you anymore, then you cant be expected to stay with them, even though there is soo much guilt there.

The gun is the opposite individual in the original relationship. There was the potential for love, (loaded gun) but there never was a chance for it to “go off”.
There is pain in the song because they don’t know the time to let go, they are both scared to let the other person go cuz they know they had someone, regardless of the fact that there is no love.

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9 Crimes Lyrics Meaning

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What does the song ‘9 crimes’ by damien rice really mean?

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well to me it kinda meant like falling for someone while you’re still with someone else and feeling guilty/bad about it

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What does the song ‘9 crimes’ by damien rice really mean?

Damien Rice’s song ‘9 Crimes’ has been stuck in your head for days now, and you’re not sure why. You think you know the lyrics, but you’re not sure if you do. Well, in this article we’re going to take a look at the meaning behind ‘9 Crimes’ and see if you actually know what it all means.

The Song ‘9 crimes’ by Damien Rice

One of the most famous songs by Damien Rice is ‘9 crimes’. The song is about a young man who has been hurt in the past and is struggling to move on.

In the song, the young man talks about his nine crimes. He says that he has committed these crimes against himself, and he doesn’t know how to fix them.

The lyrics of the song are very sad, and they reflect the struggles of a lot of people who have been hurt in their lives. This song is particularly relevant now, because a lot of people are struggling to cope with the pain of the recent political crisis in Europe.

Damien Rice is a talented musician, and his music reflects the pain and suffering of many people. If you want to listen to some great music that will make you feel good, then check out ‘9 crimes’ by Damien Rice!

The Hidden Messages in the Song

“Crimes” by Damien Rice is a song about the hidden pain and sadness that often goes unspoken. The lyrics are written in a way that allows the listener to connect with the speaker on a personal level.

The song starts with the sound of thunder, which symbolizes the noise of secrets being revealed. The title of the song is also a reference to the word “crime,” which refers to something that has been done wrong.

The lyrics talk about how people keep their pain and sadness bottled up inside, and they end up hurting themselves in the process. The speaker talks about how he’s never been right since his mother died, and he wonders why nobody will speak to him. He says that nobody ever seems to care about him, and he ends up feeling like a criminal.

In the end, the speaker realizes that he needs to open up and talk to somebody about his pain. If he does this, he may be able to find some peace and healing.

The 9 Crimes

“Crimes” by Damien Rice is a song about the struggles of being a young person in today’s society. The lyrics discuss the nine crimes that teenage boys and girls are often guilty of: drugs, sex, violence, lying, stealing, and cheating.

Damien Rice wrote the song after he experienced some of these same things during his adolescence. He wanted to share his experience with other young people so that they could learn from his mistakes.

The lyrics of “Crimes” are powerful because they show how common these crimes are. Teenagers are constantly faced with temptations to do harmful things, but many of them don’t know how to deal with them.

Hopefully, “Crimes” will help teenagers learn how to make good decisions and to avoid committing any of the nine crimes.

What thesong ‘9 crimes’ really means

‘9 crimes’ by Damien Rice is a song about personal struggles. The lyrics discuss the singer’s struggles with addiction, depression, and self-loathing.

The song has been interpreted in many different ways, but one of the most popular interpretations is that the 9 crimes listed in the song are representative of Rice’s struggles.

Some people believe that the crimes listed in the song are actual events that took place in Rice’s life. Others think that they represent Rice’s innermost thoughts and anxieties.

Whatever the meaning of ‘9 crimes’, it is clear that Damien Rice has written a powerful song about his own experiences.


Damien Rice’s single “9 Crimes” has been interpreted in a number of ways by fans, but one theory is that the song is about Rice’s ex-girlfriend who cheated on him. Some people believe that the line “I loved her so much/ I could have killed for her” references killing his feelings for her and moving on. Other interpretations suggest that “9 Crimes” could be about Rice’s repeated indiscretions or the pain he felt after hurting someone he loved. No matter what your interpretation is, it’s interesting to see how different people can read the same lyrics and come up with completely different conclusions.

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