Quick Guide to Create an Online Educational App

Online businesses are gaining popularity among entrepreneurs and the education sector is one of them. This sector is large and is likely to grow in the future. If you plan to create an educational app or boost your EdTech business, you must do it right now. Here is a quick guide on how to create am educational app.

How to create an educational app?

With the e-learning app development technology, it has become easy to create an educational app. Here are the steps you need to follow-

Plan your app

Before creating the app, it is important to plan it properly. Here are the features you must take care of-

●      Decide your target audience: It is important to decide Your targeted audience and what things you want to offer. The app created for the K-12 students will be different from the one created for the college-going student.

●      Choose the primary goal: If your primary goal is to make the users learn through visual learning, you must create an image recognition app. Whereas, if you want to develop an engaging platform, you must create the app following the gamified approach.

●      Do market research: It is crucial to understand the current market trend. Thus, make sure to research properly.

Designing the website

Once you know what you want from the app, start designing it. You must keep User Interface (UI) and User Experience UX designing in mind. Make sure to keep them immersive and simple to use, at the same time. Try to create the prototypes to see what the app’s layout will look like.

Create the platform

Once you are done with the designing, now is the part to create your dreamy platform. To do so, you must select the right tools and coding language depending upon the app requirements. You can even create the platform without coding. To do so, look for some apps that provide pre-built app templates. You can also customize the layout of the platform. After that, now is the time to develop the front-end and back-end of the app.

Testing the app

Creating the app is not enough to launch, test it first. There are two main types of testing to take-

●      Quality Assurance Testing (QA) – To ensure there are no bugs in the app’s running.

●      User Acceptance Testing (UAT) – In this testing, the target users check the app’s functionality and get feedback from them.

Launch the app

After testing the results and adjusting the bugs, it’s time to launch the app. To do so, keep the app Store submission policies in mind. Arrange all the documents necessary for the submission. Do not break the guidelines of the app Store you want to launch the app on. Launching is not the only important factor, you must also ensure to market your app as much as possible on social media. Try publishing press releases or do some email campaigns. Collaborations with influencers or educational institutions can be a big advantage to you.


Creating an educational app is very simple. All you need to do is to plan the app by understanding your target audience and primary goal. After that design the website and create the platform using the right coding language. When your app is ready test it through QA and UAT techniques. If everything goes right, launch it on the desired app Store. Don’t forget to promote it on social media handles or with the help of collaborations.

Athena Estudy

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