Is there a symbol for “Order”?

It’s easy to find a symbol for Chaos online, but I can’t seem to find one that means the opposite. It’s for a tattoo idea, so I’d rather not have something that’s just a line or something…

There are several:

Though there is no true symbol of chaos in runic, Teiwaz is the rune of law and order.

The Dharmachakra, a symbol of Buddhism, represents balance and order.

The Egyptian symbol Djed, is often considered a symbol of order and stability. Maat’s feather, called the Shut, is another Egyptian symbol of law and order.

In a great many cultures the symbol of the dominant religion often doubles as a symbol of order. I hope this helps.

Source(s): Teiwaz Rune…

One suggestion I can give is the symbols of bells which is said to be used by the Seelie Court whom represent order and harmony, while the Unseelie use the eleven pointed star.

how about the yin-yang? it symbolizes “balance” between opposites, and balance would be like order

Athena Estudy

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