Is cat-a-cat games safe?

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Is cat-a-cat games safe?

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my cat loves to play hide and seek with me. we’ve been playing ever since she was 1 month old(now 1 year old). i would stand behind a door in my house and stick my head out just a little, look at her, and run back and hide. within a few seconds she comes running in the room and looks for me, it’s really cute. another thing that i’ve been doing with her since she was a baby is hiding toy mice in shoes because she loves to try and get them out and as soon as she does she puts them right back in and shes entertained for hours. but now and then when i go to put on my shoes i’ll find her mice in them lol.

Its very safe.. but any Antivirus will block it..disable Antivirus while downloadind it and installation. Those . who comment ..its not safe..interested in Not using this games..cose its personal collection -so its without payment..If you can.,than buy the Game..its really huge job of creators of this Games.

I myself have some cat-a-cat games but my bitdefender never detect them as virus but…… Those games are rubbish and useless…

If you try to download directly from their website, you get all sorts of
problems. But if you download their games via Ocean of Games
website, no problems!!

Answer 6

No, its a scam virus site.

Answer 7

and how can you get rid of him?

Athena Estudy

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