Identify 3 distractions for young drivers and explain how you plan to minimize these distractions.​

Identify 3 distractions for young drivers and explain how you plan to minimize these distractions.​

Being a new driver isn’t easy. For teens especially, driving requires a ton of focus, practice, and skill. There are more than a few behaviors that teens eventually need to learn to minimize as they begin driving and other strengths they develop as they hit the road.  In the end, one of the biggest risks for teens in learning to drive and eventually getting a license is distracted driving. According to AAA , distractions play a role in nearly six out of 10 teen car crashes, making it a major problem, one to be aware of for any teenager first learning how to drive. And this is evidenced as AAA also reports that teens are 3.9 times more likely to be in accidents than their adult counterparts.  What are the biggest distractions for new drivers? Here are the biggest culprits, as well as how to cut down on the risks. Hope This Helps

1 distraction is phones , texting and driving . They could have a system in their car which activated by a voice assistant who could do it al for them

devices,overthinking or rush and lack of experience Explanation: devices: most young drivers tend to be on their devices 50% of time while driving and this could lead to lack of concentration hereby causing an accident. overthinking or rush: on days where we are late to school ,appointments e.t.c we tend to rush and  we end up forgetting some things same with driving when they rush they tend to lose concentration and focus and this eventually needs to overthinking lack of experience: this is mainly common with people who drive without permission or a driver’s license so they eventually have an accident when they do not have experience due to panic and other things.

Hello, thank you for choosing I will help you with these questions. Cellphones Passengers Eating Explanation: Cellphones: Don’t acknowledge them until you get to your destination. Passengers: If they are causing a distraction, politely ask them to calm down. Eating: Eat before you go, or get food, and eat it at your destination. (Not McDonald’s fries though, when those are cold, those are bad.) Thank you for allowing me to help you today on

Phone, Eating, People in the car Explanation: your phone should always be off while driving and put away. Eating much like texting takes your attention away from the road so you should wait till you’re parked or home to eat. People thrashing around or talking very loudly can be a terrible distraction. Ask them nicely to quiet down so you can focus on the road.

Answer 6

Distraction 1 : a friend in the backseat trying to talk to you and to stop this tell them I’m focusing on the road please be quiet Distraction 2: Phone Ringing and to stop this turn your phone of Distraction 3: eating while driving and to stop this you need to wait until your at a good spot to eat and not multi task

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