I need the sims 2 seasons serial code…please?

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I have 2computers in my house and i install the game in both and i gave both an recovery so the game got erased i have found the codes for all the other expansion pack but i cant find it for seasons can someone please give me some usefull codes or somewhere i can buy some. thanks

Just log onto EA Sims 2 site, as long as you registered your game they will have your codes.

Codes don’t expire. If they are not working, then there is something wrong with A) the games B) you computer.

You have to have Sims 2 in order to add Sims 2 Seasons – its an expansion pack. I would recommend you play the sims 2 for a while and then when you get bored with it buy seasons. It allows you do do more than just change seasons, you get talent badges for fishing and gardening. You can grow your own garden and catch fish to either stock the fridge or sell. I love it! There’s also an ice skating and roller rink. The roller rink shows up as a community lot, but you can build one at home too.

The key might still be in your registry.

Here’s a link explaining how you can retrieve your key from your computer:

try one of these~~~>



hope i helped ~Jessica <3

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I need the sims 2 seasons serial code…please?

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What is the Sims 2 Seasons Serial Code?

If you are playing The Sims 2, then you may have noticed that the game always recommends that you buy new content instead of using the serial code that came with your game. This is because the serial code allows you to play The Sims 2 without worrying about updates or downloads.

The serial code for The Sims 2 Seasons is E3N5-CCFW-9NNXC. If you need to find out how to get a serial code for other games in The Sims series, then please check our guide on how to find the serial code for The Sims 2.

Where can I find the Sims 2 Seasons Serial Code?

In order to unlock the Sims 2 Seasons Expansion Pack, you will need to use a serial code. To find the serial code for the Sims 2 Seasons Expansion Pack, you can visit the official website.

The serial code for the Sims 2 Seasons Expansion Pack can be found in the following location:

-Inside of the box that comes with the game
-On the back cover of the instruction manual
-Inside of the sticker sheet that is included in some retail boxes

How to use the Sims 2 Seasons Serial Code?

If you are looking for the Sims 2 Seasons serial code, you have come to the right place! This article will explain how to use the serial code and get your hands on all of the new content that comes with this season.

To start, open up your game console and type in “help sims”. You will then be able to access a list of all of the cheats that are available in your game. Scroll down until you find “sims2 seasons” and select it. This will bring up a menu where you can enter your serial code. Once you have entered the code, press “OK” to activate the code.

Now that you have activated your serial code, you can start downloading the new content that comes with this season. To start, open up your game console and type in “play sims2 seasons”. This will take you to a new screen where you can select which episodes of the season that you want to download. Once you have selected an episode, it will start downloading automatically.

If you ever need help using the serial code or getting access to the new content that comes with Sims 2 Seasons, please don’


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