how much money is 3000k?

Or 3,000,000

As everyone knows that,ok means thousand. So 3000k means 3 thousand thousand, which means 3 million.With out figuring out the something about foreign money we will not inform what its value. So it could be {dollars}, kilos, euros or one thing like that.

3 Million Weaselroo’s.

take away ok and add three zeroes
3000k means 3000000


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3000K is 3,000,000 models.

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3,000,000 {dollars}
AKA 3 million.
Can I’ve that a lot cash?

3,000,000 ie. three million.

With out figuring out the foreign money we will not inform what its value, it could be {dollars}, kilos, euros, peso’s and so forth.

ok means thousand
So which means 3 thousand thousand
Or, 3 million.



Athena Estudy

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