How do I get to Stormwind from the Undercity (WoW)?

Ive been trying to look this up but no one seems to know

first off, if you didnt know stormwind is an alliance city where as undercity is a horde city
this mean that if you do decide to go to stormwind you will be attacked by guards
but with that in mind the easiest route from one to the other is this; hop on the zeppelin and ride it to orgrimmar from there ride down to ratchet and take the boat to booty bay and once there continue north upward to stormwind

Actually the easiest route is to hop on zep from org to Grom’gol and then run it. it is a much shorter run but if you do the first route listed than you can grab a couple extra flight paths if you don’t already have them.

Go outside and use the zeplins to get close,youll have to run a bit once you get droped off.

Source(s): theres 2 towers outside not far from the entrance to underworld

Athena Estudy

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