Has anyone heard of the internet marketer Matt Pocius or is he a scam/?

I have been contacted by someone called Matt Pocius who says he is the highest paid internet affiliate and earned his first million at 18 years old. Sounds good and is willing to offer a free 2 hour session that was suppose to be $250. Nice little way to get my attention. However a quick search shows that he is not on Forbes or anything like that and there is no record aside from his word that he is a millionaire. There is nothing to back him up so I am asking the lovely members of Yahoo to see if anyone knows who he is or how legitimate his training is as I am sure he will want to charge at some point.


I m in his course. The course is ok but its just the same info you can get anywhere. He s about 22 and thinks he knows everything. Some things he says are blindingly naive and sometimes wrong. He knows the persuasion tricks to make what he s saying seem important but because of his naivety, he s not in the same league as other ᴘᴇᴇrs in this area. He knows about affiliate marketing and has read some books like The Lean Startup and knows about MVP and thinks he knows all about the world because he knows how to persuade people. There is a lot of money in internet marketing information products and you need to be able to persuade people to part with their money. He did make a million, that s true but is he really good – NO. He is nowhere near the level of most other people selling courses on the internet and never will be because he s not as intelligent, but he s persuasive. Choose your mentors wisely. He made money from affiliate marketing, email marketing and Warrior forum. He s looking to expand into this big market of information products over the internet because there is just so much money to be made from it, that s why he contacted you. You re seeing more and more people come to market now because there is so much money to be made if you can get in front of a camera and be convincing. Matt isn t in the same league as the others… but he s only 22, even then, he s just so naive at times I wonder why I didn t make a million too.

Matt is legit. I joined his course a while ago and having a lot of success. He showed me how to start amazon FBA business.

He made all his money from affiliate marketing, and 2 hours of one on one time is not with Matt, but with his advisers.

He makes his millions by scamming others, simple as that. I can guarantee you will never make anything near that, if anything at all…. You would be lucky to get enough to pay your fees….
It is a pyramid scheme (multi-level marketing), which is illegal in most countries. Being over the Internet, he gets away from the law…

If he made a million it was probably from this kind of thing. Just like the ones selling books on how to become rich. They got rich from people buying the books.


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Despite an extensive web presence see below

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I get mentored by him. He is legit

Athena Estudy

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