Foods with the word MOLE in it for mole day in chem?

(ex: gramola bars, guacamole, molten lava cake)…or any foods where u can change part of the name or brand so that u can put the word mole in it(ex: Toll House cookies-Mole House cookies)

Moled wine
Moleberry jam tarts


Why do no longer you carry out basically a splash study, and discover the main significant elemental compositions of a mole, and then write a chem concern figuring out the % abundance of that element interior the mole? Or another calculation based on your study.

Donut Moles!

Also, there’s a section in here called Wordplay where you should ask this. They post stuff like this all the time. I think it’s under Culture.

Mole Poblano

btw… what a fun idea.

Athena Estudy

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