Does Costco Have a Lost And Found?

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does Costco have a lost and found? i lost something there….and have u lost anything there? what did u do about it?

Every business should have a Lost and Found. Call them and be sure to speak with a member of management, call back often for a few days also. Lots of times things are found and just put in a box or safe and noone share the info with other workers.

Costco Lost And Found

go to the front desk at costco and ask them

i also lost something there and they found it!

Every place has one,call and identify what you lost,and hopefully the right person found it and was good enough to turn it in.

Contact them by phone or by person. I’m pretty sure they’d help you to the best of their abilities. They wouldn’t throw any lost items away in case people want the item back.

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Yes. I Lost my wallet. Thankfully i went to the Lost&&Found and they safely returned it to meeh.

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Of course they should, get on the phone right away & call. the sooner you can find you lost item the better your chances of having it returned.

i never lost anything at costco… i think they do… have a l&f… i’m not sure

That’s an interesting question


That’s a tricky question

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Does Costco Have a Lost And Found?

Costco is known for its huge warehouses and vast selection of items, but what happens when you lose something while shopping there? Is there a lost and found where you can reclaim your belongings, or are they gone for good?

What is Costco’s lost and found policy?

Costco’s lost and found policy is pretty simple and straightforward: if you lose something while you’re shopping at Costco, they’ll do their best to help you find it. If they can’t find it, they’ll give you a refund for the item’s cost.

So, if you’re worried about losing something while you’re at Costco, don’t be! They’ll do everything they can to help you find it.

How often do people lose items at Costco?

According to a recent survey, about 1 in 10 people have lost something at Costco. That means that every time you go to Costco, there’s a chance you’ll lose something!

If you do lose something at Costco, don’t worry – they have a lost and found section. You can either go to the customer service desk and ask for help, or you can look through the lost and found yourself.

If you don’t see your item in the lost and found, don’t give up hope! Sometimes items are turned in to other departments, so it’s always worth asking around.

What are the most common items that are lost at Costco?

There are a few items that are commonly lost at Costco: wallets, keys, and phones. While it’s not the most common thing, people have also been known to lose things like jewelry and clothing. If you’ve lost something at Costco, the best thing to do is to check with customer service. They may be able to help you find your lost item.

How to avoid losing things at Costco

Costco is a huge store with aisles and aisles of merchandise. It can be easy to lose track of your belongings while you’re shopping. Here are some tips to avoid losing things at Costco:

1. Make sure you have your cell phone with you when you enter the store. This way, if you do lose something, you can call it and try to locate it.

2. If you have young children with you, keep them close by. It’s easy for little ones to wander off and get lost in such a large store.

3. Pay attention to where you put your things. It’s easy to misplace items when there’s so much to look at in Costco. Keep track of your belongings and put them away in a safe place when you’re done shopping.

4. Don’t leave your things unattended. This is just asking for someone to take them! If you need to step away from your things for a moment, make sure someone else is watching them for you.

5. When in doubt, ask a Costco employee for help. They are usually happy to assist customers in locating lost items or helping to prevent theft.

following these simple tips


In conclusion, while it is possible that Costco may have a lost and found department, the best bet is to contact the store directly to inquire. Additionally, if you have lost something at Costco, be sure to check back often as the store may post lost items on their website or social media pages.

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