“by when do you need it” is it the correct sentence asking someone for timeline?

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That form is “correct” according to grammar nazis! But in practice nearly all Britons would ask “When do you need it by?”

The “rule” of not ending a sentence with a preposition was invented about 250 years ago by people with too much time on their hands, and too much regard for Latin forms, which were never in use in English.

No that is not correct. By is the same as when so it’s redundant.

When do you need it?

What is your deadline for needing this?

When do you need this?

this time i myself will make sure that you dont have to face any further delay and whole quantity reach you on committed date.

IS this sentence correct?

by what date do you need it? is probably a simpler way to get an exact answer.

Source(s): teacher of english as a foreign language.

Yes, but you could also ask, “When is your deadline?” or “When do you need it?”

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When do you need it by?

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“by when do you need it” is it the correct sentence asking someone for timeline?

In most business scenarios, it is important to keep everyone up-to-date on project milestones and timelines. However, many times this can be quite a difficult task – especially when the deadlines are not always clear. So, is it the right sentence to ask someone for a timeline?


When someone asks for a timeline, they are typically looking for a specific date or event. However, it is important to note that asking someone for a timeline is not always the correct sentence. For example, if you are asking someone how long it will take them to finish a project, then the correct sentence would be “when do you need it completed by?”

The Correct Sentence to Ask for a Timeline

When it comes to requesting a timeline, you should use the phrase “by when do you need it?” This will help to ensure that you are communicating accurately and that your request is met in a timely manner.


“by when do you need it?” is not the correct sentence to be asking someone for a timeline. “When will it be ready?” would be the appropriate sentence to ask for a timeline.

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