“At the subscribers request, this phone does not accept incoming calls.” Why does it say this? ?

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“At the subscribers request, this phone does not accept incoming calls.” Why does it say this to a certain T-Mobile phone # I try to call?

well since my phone use to do the same thing, i’ll tell you what it meant for me
i had a T-mobile spending limit account, which means your account can never add up to more than 150 dollars.. so anytime it did, ur phone goes automatically into a shut down mode.. but will give a caller the message..At the subscribers request, this phone does not accept incoming calls..
they have a spending limit account. and once it hits over whatever magic number they have it set to, they have to pay it 50dollars below that number..
EDIT___ if it is the spending limit account, then they might not know its off, it doesn’t tell them. it use to happen to me alot because i would just forget to pay my bill all the time. but when it would go off i wouldn’t know, but that is the same message that people calling me would get. its a type of service plan..
if its prepaid and they are out of mins it says they are “unreachable”, my 8year old daughter has a go phone prepaid, and thats the message she gives out when i don’t give her enough mins.

Source(s): had a spending limit account with T mobile for three years.. been a customer of theirs for about 5yrs


subscribers request phone accept incoming calls

If i try to send a text message to a phone that does not accept incoming “calls” what will happen?

at the subscribers request, this phone does not accept incoming calls why does it say this

Answer 6

as stated above the person calling gets the error, they let their minutes run out.
my phone is working fine receiving calls from almost everyone….but one user trys to call me and gets this “at users request not accepting 11258…..error”. the user is using a go-phone pay as you go and thats the problem.
Its the callers issue not the receiver, as stated by Quarry 306

Answer 7

it may be because this person has pay as you go service and they are out of minutes. or it could just be a fancy way of saying that their phone is off.

its because this person has a go phone or pay as you go phone which means every time u call they lose money so many people will ask if they can ignore incoming calls

Source(s): 3 years as t-mobile worker

The person has not paid their phone bill and the cell company has suspended their account.


it means that the person’s phone number is no longer in service…meaning that their phone probably got stolen/lost
hope this helped

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“At the subscribers request, this phone does not accept incoming calls.” Why does it say this? ?

This is an example of a headline that uses allusion. Allusion is the use of a name, term, or idea from one source to refer to something which is not specifically mentioned in the text. In this case, the phone being “disabled” might allude to being “turned off” or “paused” – implying that it will not be accepting any calls from outside sources.

How Caller ID works

When a person phones someone, the phone call travels through the telephone network. The telephone company routes the call and records the Caller ID information of all the phones in the area.

The information that is recorded is usually the phone number, but sometimes it will also include the carrier name and identification code. When a person dials out, their phone number goes into a dialing machine and they type in their phone number. The computer then looks up the number that was dialed and forwards it to the person who called.

Why your phone might say that it doesn’t accept incoming calls

Your phone might say that it doesn’t accept incoming calls if it’s due to a certain condition or if you’ve asked the carrier to turn off call acceptance.

How to fix the problem

If you’re having trouble making or receiving calls on your Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, there might be a solution. Most likely, the issue is with the phone’s reception.

First, make sure that you have a strong signal and that your phone is properly situated in an area with good reception. If you still experience problems, try these simple steps:

Turn off any features that might be draining your battery, like vibrate mode and auto-brightness. This will help to preserve your phone’s battery and improve your signal strength. Disable any apps that you don’t use often, like email and social media. Try calling from another number if possible. If this doesn’t work, try resetting your phone: Press and hold down the Volume Down key and the Home key at the same time until you see an image of a lightning bolt (or Android robot) appear on screen. Release both keys and then press Power to turn on the device. If resetting your phone doesn’t solve the problem, it might be time to replace your device.

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